Monday, March 14, 2011

Is your son/daughter driving safe from ROAD accident? Head scarves a must, but no HELMET.

How much do you love your life? How much do you love your son/daughter? How much you care for the life your son/daughter?
I have observed in cities of Gujarat, that two wheelers are driven by schools students before they reach the eligibility to drive. Parents, school administration and RTO/traffic police are equally responsible for this situation. Justifying the need to have two wheelers for academic purpose has become a fashion. Driving around at top speed to meet the time deadlines between, school, home and tuition class daily. Peer pressure to have better and better scooter/bike with higher CC and speed capacity is tempting them to purchase beyond their own means.
PARENTS are first to blame to pamper their child so much with their extra income. School administrator are not strictly putting ban on entry of two wheelers in school premise. School administrators should be made responsible by LAW that they check the eligibility of students to drive, have proper driving licence and use only allowed CC of scooter/bike as per RTO law. TRAFFIC inspectors are also not doing their duty to stop this illegal driving by school students.
Students learn to drive cycles on the road. But they want to drive together and talk while cycling. Many times two or three cyclists students drive on the road blocking the other vehicles. Many accidents happen while big vehicles take turn or overtaking such students. We blame truck driver or car driver, but generally fault lies with cyclist or two wheelers. I must have saved one person daily on an average on such occasions. I have to apply brakes, blow horns to ask them to give way to my car.
Girls and also boys likes to protect their skin/hair from SUNLIGHT and AIR POLLUTION. So they cover their face completely with cotton cloth (Chooni/Handekerchief). But they do not like to wear HELMET. The two wheelers manufacturers are also running away from their responsibilities for safe driving of their vehicles by their owners. Their design, have to provide space/locking arrangement for two helmets. Also HELMETS should be provided as compulsory accessories with every new two wheelers by LAW.
Two wheeler manufacturers (BAJAJ/HONDA/HERO/TVS/MAHINDRA) also promote their scooters and bike for thrills and race driving in their advertisement. They promote to young target audience as a tool to get the girl friend impressed. They promote risky driving. Even the worst case is TVS Wego.  
They never promote utility value. Many times I think why RTO is not taking any objection on such advertising promoting risky driving. LAW should be made that every advertisement of VEHICLE promotion has to get approval of RTO before releasing.

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