Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parenting of TEEN sons and daughter, need of the hour.

Recently I was going through the isssue of PARENTING magazine. I could not find information related to parenting of teenge sons and daughters. Even in my Ph.D. responses the lack of books and material on Parenting of Teenagers was concluded. All of us are busy in our professional career. Quality Time for teenage son/daughter is very difficult to find in THIS only 24 hours in a day. Many female executives balance their professional and married life to take care of child may be upto 3 years or maximum 6 years. Parents should know now that how important it is to be freindly with son and daughter during their PUBERTY and TEEN years.
Physical develoment, Emotional development, Reproductive development takes place during 10 to 20 years of age.
Have you provided authentic source of information on these developmental issues to your son/daughter?
Do you see their Physical and Emotional Health as priority?

I suggest to all of you to go through having more than 10,000 hits per day, give your feedback and if found suitable ask your teenage son/daughter also to visit.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Breast pain / cyst does not mean breast cancer

A patient was operated for cyst removal which was non-cancerous. After mammography twice the liquid from cyst was taken out but again it got filled after few months, so finally minor operation to remove cyst was performed with one day of hospitalisation. All adult females should learn self examination of breast for cyst/cancer. Many articles are also available on my website for my students and clients.

Breast pain / cyst does not mean breast cancer.
Almost all females have tender, painful breasts at some time during their life. Do you suffer from regular pain then:
• is the pain related to the menstrual cycle?
• is it worse before your period?
• are both breasts affected, or just one?
• does the same pattern of pain repeats every month?
Keep a daily diary for few months to check these points. Every day, record whether or not you have any breast pain, whether it is mild or severe and which breast is affected and record the dates and days of the period.
Breast pain is very common – about 70% of females have it at some time. They found that less than 3% of these females – whose breast pain was probably quite severe – had breast cancer. And breast cancer is very, very unlikely if your only symptom is pain that varies with the menstrual cycle and both breasts are affected. It is common to have painful, heavy, bloated breasts before a period. Both breasts are affected at the same time and you may also feel the discomfort in the armpit or upper arm. The breasts may feel generally lumpy but there isn't one particular lump. One cannot bear to be touched sometimes, are pain-free for only a few days each month, or have to wear a bra at night because it is so tender when you lie on your side in bed. Cyclical breast pain affecting both breasts is not a symptom of breast cancer. It occurs because some female's breasts are particularly sensitive to hormone change and each month, the glands respond to the rise and fall of hormones.
There are a number of things that you can try to ease the pain during those days:.
• Wear a soft bra at night
• Avoid jogging, aerobics or other high-impact exercises
• get properly measured first before Bra selection
• If you are taking any hormones, such as the oral contraceptive pill or hormone replacement therapy (HRT), consider stopping them for a while to see if the breast pain lessens. Breast pain seems to be common in females who have recently started HRT.
• Try a low fat diet. There is some evidence that high levels of saturated fats in the blood make the breasts more sensitive to hormone levels, so it may be worth changing your diet.
Most treatments for cyclical breast pain take several months to work, so you will have to be patient. Continue your diary when starting any treatment; this will help you decide whether it is having any effect. Consult your mother and gynaecologist.

Non-cyclical breast pain
If your breast pain has no monthly pattern and occurs in just one breast, it is known as 'non-cyclical breast pain' and shouldn't be ignored. Rather than a heavy, bloated, tender feeling, this pain tends to be sharp or burning. There is usually a very simple cause such as bruising from an injury, a sports strain, an infection such as a breast abscess, a viral infection of the muscles between the ribs, inflammation of the joint between the front of a rib and the breastbone, a lung problem. However, there is a very faint chance that it could be related to early breast cancer, so you should check it out with your doctor. If no cause can be dealt with, it is usually treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vaginal infection wearing tight underpants panty

Question: I have got fungal infections and my doctor told me to avoid wearing shorts under the skirt. Doctor told me to apply an ointment ( ZOLE, Miconzole Nitrate IP). I cannot avoid wearing shorts as my school uniform is skirt. Is it really necessary to avoid shorts? I am embarrassed to wear skirt without shorts. Is it strictly required to avoid shorts or is there any other alternative to this disease.

Answer: Infection or itching should be reported if it is continuous and severe. Short pant fabric may be selective and if possible made of cotton, instead of synthetic. Crotch area may have design for air circulation through knitted fabric. But innerwear manufacturers are more focused on aesthetic and sex appealing designs rather than on comfort and hygiene. This are our information, but you better consult your doctor, because physical examination and detail discussion can only give you right analysis.

Breast development and BRA during puberty/teenage

Question 1: I am studying in 10 th std. Recently I have visited your website. It was very informative. I have some doubts regarding bra. It is mentioned in your website that bra is not necessary to prevent sagging of breasts. And it is advised to avoid wearing bra at home, or to use camisole or petticoats instead. I discussed this with my mother. I was forced to wear bra from 8 th standard onwards. My mother is still not ready to accept this fact. How will I convince my mother regarding this?

Is there any harm in wearing sports bra. My mother is insisting me to wear normal bra, and not to go for sports bra., as it will lead to sagging of breast. I feel more comfortable wearing sports bra. Please reply.

Question 2: Why does my breast ache sometimes?I'm embarrassed to tell my doctor.

Answer: Read all the articles pertaining to Breast development and Bra on our website page 'ARTICLES'. Consult your doctor and believe them or your mom. Also ask your doctor about breast cancer self check and symptoms as well as effects of wearing of tight bra for longer hours. Choice is yours.

We can only say that it should be COMFORTABLE to your body. Your blood circulation should not get affected over breasts and rib-cage. During puberty and teenage, till the breast is fully developed, bra should be avoided. Otherwise natural growth and strength will get adversely affected. Some pain and tenderness will be observed during puberty/teenage, but it is OK and normal as the breast are under development stage and hormonal effects are working 24X7 on it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

parents teenage relationship

The parents-teenage relationship should be friendly, but many times it is not so.
The interaction of father as well as mother with teenage son and daughter decrease day by day.
What are the emotional issues teenagers want that their parents should understand and accept?

Parenting of Teenagers

Parenting of teenagers: Teenagers are going through pressure of physical and emotional development alongwith study, exams and marks. If you are a father or mother employed full time outside, can you able to manage to give quality time required by teenage son and daughter?

pimple growth and hair oil or sperm release?

Question: does excessive sexual excitement and excessive sperm release affect facial skin like pimples etc.? and how the excessive use of oil on hair is related to pimple growth.

Answer: PIMPLE growth is inner hormonal changes in your body and nothing much to do with excessive sperm release or hair oil. But may be masturbation resulting into sperm release may calm down your urge for sex. Washing lightly with water without scrubbing may help. Keep your digestive system perfect. More details on our website, surf them

Height after menstruation period?

Question: Thanks for solving my problems. I would like to know that after getting the period the height of a girl does not increase. My daughter breast can be seen when the exact age to wear the bra is or some other please suggest me. How to explain her, what is the period why you got in the early age of 10 years.
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you surf our website in details, all your queries are answered there. Specific request will require information about daughter, age, height, weight, daily lifestyle etc. Mother & father height weight. etc.
Bra should not used till the breast are developed fully may be by 16 to 19 years or so. Detail articles are available on our site on bra, its selection, bad effects of wearing tight inner wears and jeans etc.. Then after you may ask your queries by providing more information. You may also fill the questionnaire available on site to know the awareness level of yours and your daughters. You click on main page of right top corner 'Are you about teenage changes? ask your daughter to surf our site.

wet panty after washing genitals?

Question: I live in India so have to wash my genitals after answering call of nature. my problem is that i my panty always gets wet after i wear them after washing my genitals feel very uncomfortable and wet. Please help me!
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ANSWER : If you are at home keep one specific cotton cloth or big handkerchief or small towel, which you can take along with you when you go for nature's call. After finishing nature's call and washing, wipe the excess water first with this cloth and then wear panty again. so that your panty will remain dry. When you are out, keep few tissue paper or paper napkin or a big handkerchief in your bag/purse and use it for wiping the excessive water before wearing the panty again.
Question again : thank u so much for replying actually the solution that u have given am already using it but it is very inconvenient to always have something with myself to wipe.......i always imagine how others in India manage coz when we wash hands we have to wipe it then why not for genitals..water always trickles down my thighs.....if i don’t use wiping stuff...can u tell me how others manage......
Answer: Those who do not like wet panty or petticoat, they wipe like you do and answered above. Many do not wipe wash with water after urination. so urine droplets remain in vagina, labia and on pubic hair, which increases chances of urine odour and stain on panty.

menarche first menstruation then irregular

Question: My daughter she is 10years old she got her first period last month 12 September. Now at which date she will get her period normally I counted 28days which she is supposed to get her period on 9th of October till now she has not got her period .
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ANSWER:You seems to be very caring mother. Initially the period will not come every 28 days.It will take around one to two years to really getting regular monthly period.This was her first one so, second one may come after 3 or 6 months, will be OK.Only once she starts getting regular monthly period, then she should worry if it delays much.

Height growth after puberty and teenage is difficult

Question: I am now suing degree II year but still my height is 4 feet.5inches only. so please suggest me which precautions I should take to increase my height

ANSWER: you must be 19 years now and so bone growth period is almost over by now.
what is the height of your mother and father? Because height is also heredity.
you could have done stretch exercise straight posture corrections,
rope skipping during your puberty years that is 11 to 16 years.
Calcium intake by adequate diet and early morning sunlight to get vitamin D could have helped.