Monday, April 23, 2012

Parent and Teen Daughter communication of personal problems need better understanding.

Father as well as Mother plays a very important role in the life of TEENAGE Daughter.  Nuclear family & joint family have its advantages and disadvantages. There are question about PUBIC hair, its saving & cleaning, about menarche/menstruation, its timing, cleaning, recurrence, pain, about breast development and bra, about body hair, about pimples, about sexual feelings, about opposite gender attraction and so on..  
As soon as daughter enters in her PUBERTY years, Mother has to have opened communications on the PUBERTY developmental issues and her health & hygiene.  In the absence of such communication channel, daughter may seek & search information about her personal growth and reproductive health with others, mainly from friends. Many times the friends also may not have adequate knowledge. Sometimes it increases the risk of molestation of daughter by someone near-one. Teenage sexual abuses remain unnoticed most of the times due to fear and shame both.
In the case of only FATHER-DAUGHTER situation, the matter becomes worse. Daughter in most of case feel shy to ask the FATHER about her personal issues. In such case maybe a female teacher may help or a counselor in schools may be of help.
Nowadays, lot of information is available on internet. But, while searching such information one is likely come across PORN sites unintentionally. POP UP window of porn sites may lure them to watch details and lead them to other such sites.
So, it is always better that parents themselves become more knowledgeable on PUBERTY growth issues and as per age discuss with daughter.
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