Saturday, May 12, 2012

BLOWING for strong LUNGS religiously or just playing.

OXYGEN is needed for our lives. Thanks God it is not yet taxed. One can consume oxygen available in the air every moment, everywhere. Although available free, do we consume fully. Do we ever realize that most of the times we are not inhaling completely to fill our lungs fully. Similarly we also do not exhale 100% out of our lungs.
So, that is our daily life style. Then how can we make our LUNGS powerful. If we go to any clinic and asked to measure our lung power, we will be given  an calibrated instrument SPIROMETER in which we have to blow out or exhale fully with power.
 This can be exercised by blowing BALOONs daily. How fast and how much a balloon is full of air?
Another very good religious practice one can follow is blowing of SHANKH - CONCH. In Hindu religion during prayer, it is a ritual to blow Sankh. It is called Sankh-naad or Voice of Conch. Most of the Bengalis & south India temples have this practice.
Even one can observe blowing of BYUGAL–TRUMPET in SCOUT / GUIDE / NCC, on many occasions or start of any event/game. or learn to play any musical instrument where one has to blow air into it.
When run or play outdoor games and do some physical work, we can see our breathing become speedy and heavy. Automatically we inhale & exhale more to meet the demand of oxygen to the body.
SO we need to play, run, or blow to make our lungs strong and cultivate habit to inhale & exhale better in our daily life.