Wednesday, July 19, 2017

BODY changes from Girl to Woman need care & respect

Change in BODY during birth to death....
When a BABY GIRL is born, her body is not much different then BABY BOY except the Genital. Till puberty both the gender grow without much difference. But as she reaches to PUBERTY or say TEENAGE, the body takes different shape than boy.

BY the end of Teenage, she is having BODY different then BOY. Then comes pregnancy in her life and again her BODY changes. After delivery of her child once again her BODY changes. Again pregnancy and delivery. Motherhood. Menopause.
Her body is most flexible to care of all these natural physical changes. She likes to remain beautiful and charming even after all these changes.
So, do respect and take care of female body in every relationship of yours. She is daughter, sister, niece, friend, classmate, office mate, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, grand mother... Every role plays a different role in her life and your life.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Teen Sexual Abuse need understanding now

Teenage Sexual Abuse need understanding now, as we are going through change in lifestyle, change in education, electronic gadgets and adopting new culture. 
MOM, the movie gave very strong message on Teen Sexual Abuse. Who are responsible for it is not covered here. Movie narrates how a mother take revenge when police and judiciary fails to give justice to her daughter from rape attack by multiple persons. It shows how rape victim life goes on afterwards and parents, relatives, friends can only help.
I want to pose the questions for Teen sexual abuse:
1 Why rapists do this crime of rape? Desire for sex or take revenge, or for adventure or peer pressure or ...?
2 Should boys and girls drink alcohol and smoke? Does smoking and alcohol increase desire of having sex or helps in overcoming moral values?
3 Biological age of reproduction starts at PUBERTY, when menstruation starts in girl and sperm ejaculation starts in boy. These happens during early teenage 13 to 16 years or so. Social values do not allow sexual intercourse till marriage with spouse only. Safe sexual techniques are being promoted to sell condoms. How young boys and girls can delay their desire to have sex for 10 to 15 years?
4 Are teen boys and girls getting enough love from parents? Are parents giving time and opportunities for Quality time to share their personnel interests and desire and sex related issue.
5 For girl to be beautiful and sexy is an asset or liability to protect herself? Everyone attention goes to beauty and sexy, how to stop or decrease it?