Saturday, May 12, 2012

BLOWING for strong LUNGS religiously or just playing.

OXYGEN is needed for our lives. Thanks God it is not yet taxed. One can consume oxygen available in the air every moment, everywhere. Although available free, do we consume fully. Do we ever realize that most of the times we are not inhaling completely to fill our lungs fully. Similarly we also do not exhale 100% out of our lungs.
So, that is our daily life style. Then how can we make our LUNGS powerful. If we go to any clinic and asked to measure our lung power, we will be given  an calibrated instrument SPIROMETER in which we have to blow out or exhale fully with power.
 This can be exercised by blowing BALOONs daily. How fast and how much a balloon is full of air?
Another very good religious practice one can follow is blowing of SHANKH - CONCH. In Hindu religion during prayer, it is a ritual to blow Sankh. It is called Sankh-naad or Voice of Conch. Most of the Bengalis & south India temples have this practice.
Even one can observe blowing of BYUGAL–TRUMPET in SCOUT / GUIDE / NCC, on many occasions or start of any event/game. or learn to play any musical instrument where one has to blow air into it.
When run or play outdoor games and do some physical work, we can see our breathing become speedy and heavy. Automatically we inhale & exhale more to meet the demand of oxygen to the body.
SO we need to play, run, or blow to make our lungs strong and cultivate habit to inhale & exhale better in our daily life.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Parent and Teen Daughter communication of personal problems need better understanding.

Father as well as Mother plays a very important role in the life of TEENAGE Daughter.  Nuclear family & joint family have its advantages and disadvantages. There are question about PUBIC hair, its saving & cleaning, about menarche/menstruation, its timing, cleaning, recurrence, pain, about breast development and bra, about body hair, about pimples, about sexual feelings, about opposite gender attraction and so on..  
As soon as daughter enters in her PUBERTY years, Mother has to have opened communications on the PUBERTY developmental issues and her health & hygiene.  In the absence of such communication channel, daughter may seek & search information about her personal growth and reproductive health with others, mainly from friends. Many times the friends also may not have adequate knowledge. Sometimes it increases the risk of molestation of daughter by someone near-one. Teenage sexual abuses remain unnoticed most of the times due to fear and shame both.
In the case of only FATHER-DAUGHTER situation, the matter becomes worse. Daughter in most of case feel shy to ask the FATHER about her personal issues. In such case maybe a female teacher may help or a counselor in schools may be of help.
Nowadays, lot of information is available on internet. But, while searching such information one is likely come across PORN sites unintentionally. POP UP window of porn sites may lure them to watch details and lead them to other such sites.
So, it is always better that parents themselves become more knowledgeable on PUBERTY growth issues and as per age discuss with daughter.
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chafed skin, rash, blisters mainly between upper thighs can be prevented.

Chafed skin, often appears as a raised red rash or even blisters,  which can be caused by many factors, is extremely uncomfortable. It hurt as though the skin has been burned. It can occur with anyone and quite normal. It is best to try to prevent skin chafing rather than to develop it and then cure it.
Most of the sports girls who play for more than hour games, sweat a lot during game. So they prefer long underpants, breathable material, protect from friction between thighs.

You may want to start by wearing clothing that is well fitting, but not too tight, and is made of natural fibers (Cotton) so that the skin can breathe. Skin can chafe against loose clothes too. You’ll also want to make sure that areas prone to skin chafing, like between the upper thighs, are protected from each other. Choose undergarments which protect  the legs from rubbing against one another.

If you already have chafed skin, focus should be on protecting and treating the skin as soon as possible. You can treat skin chafing with the lotions/cream available for the purpose, or you can use cornstarch powder. Lotions tend to be preferable to powder since they help provide a protective barrier which guards against further chafing. You’ll also want to do what you can to keep the chafed area of skin dry. This may be difficult in hot weather, but do try for well-ventilated clothing. If you are overweight, chafing can occur along the skin folds and is much more prone to causing yeast infections to develop. One may take shower twice daily during hot summer, and allow chafed skin to completely dry before dressing.

Sometimes skin chafing becomes so severe that the above methods don’t treat them, then do consult the  physician/dermatologist. However, if the chafing has occurred over a large area of skin, you should not use hydrocortisone treatments without a doctor’s advice. At other times, a yeast infection has developed, and may need a stronger antifungal medication available by prescription only.
People are more prone to chafing if they are athletes, when the weather is hot and they are sweating, or if they are overweight. Not all “cures” work for every person, so it’s important to evolve your own methods of dealing with skin chafing.
For one person, looser clothes and petroleum jelly is the answer. For others, better fitting clothes and Itch-guard may work best. Just remember to keep an eye on skin chafing for signs of oozing, or if the problem doesn’t resolve. Though this condition can be very minor, it can develop into more serious infections that will require a doctor’s care.