Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Adolescence Sexual Maturity Years

Child to adult is a journey of 4 to 7 years, includes Puberty and Teenage, where  maximum Physical, Emotional, Sexual developmental changes occur,Make teenagers aware of all these changes, health & hygiene along with intellectual education process. Body & Mind needs grooming for future Motherhood and Fatherhood during these Years.

My PhD I started late in life at 46 years of age, after experiencing a TEENAGE son in my home and his life. Parenting of Teenage son and daughter is becoming challenge. Teenagers are much more informed and demanding, searching for their own identity and empowering their own authority on many decisions for themselves and for family.
 PUBERTY, I found is the best period to be understood by pre-teens and their parents. The sexual organs which were there during BIRTH of every boy and girl starts maturing during onset of puberty years.  The boy and girls are now becoming MAN & WOMAN is few years. its transition years.
Unfortunately in India, due to education system, most parents and even students are focusing all the available time on getting good marks in exams. They forget the physical development through playing outdoor sports or doing exercise or going though physical activities. 
Teachers make parents responsible and parents make teachers responsible on giving adolescence education on development of BODY & MIND. While all media are bombarding different information to these preteens and teens.  
A girl's body is made sexually active and ready for motherhood during these years. A  boy's body is also become sexually active and ready to become father. Menstruation and Ejaculation need to be understood for their importance in reproduction and married life and for future parenthood.
My workshop videos are free for education to reach to millions of teenagers and their students. After doing chemical engineering and MBA from IIM calcutta and spending 33 years in marketing profession, I now realised to give back to society by education students on sexual health, physical & emotional changes and how to take care of it.

Teenage girls are answered for every query on their physical and sexual development. Be it menstruation , breast development, conceiving, pimple, pubic hair hygiene etc. SEX word is not to be seen as a DIRTY word.  SEX is a basic need of the mankind, of every human being, for reproduction and for happy married life. Parents need to discuss  sexual development and sexual health with their children at age appropriate.  It is a biological need, it is a biological development of primary & secondary sexual organs.  Indian society will have to get ready to interact  with students now.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WHEN Can Education institute guarantee employment to students?

IIM, IIT, NID, NIT can guarantee 100 % campus placement, then what about other colleges in India? Today many college degree certificates cannot fetch employment. Many engineering colleges are now at verge of closure, due to want of students. This year 2017-18, 30000 engineering seats remain vacant in Gujarat state only.
WHEN Can Education institute guarantee employment to students? If education curriculum is not updated every year to take care of changes in the environment / business / industry / life due to technological changes, these education institutes will remain behind and become obsolete.
Primary school education can be given the best in Mother Tongue. But India have so many different languages. Even in one state many other Indian language speaking have migrated. So need to use technology to promote HOME SCHOOLING in mother tongue using distance learning model. Each state can take tow Annual exam, one after V std and another after VIII std in mother tongue. English can be taught as special language separately with extra emphasis in school. Students can give exam from any state the exams conducted by their home state.
From std IX, X, XI, XII only one board CBSE in India in every state. Students have nos of options to study, including sports, music, classical dance, drama. Performing arts, performing sports, commerce and business subjects. Let them learn and get groomed in their choice of subjects.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Join to complete a Dream :100% campus placement of students

I Currently work for students grooming std 6th onward on various aspects depending on their age. 

I look for Industry Academic Interface due to rapid up-gradation of technology and process and materials, the education institutes need to upgrade their curriculum in consultation with industry experts. 

Students also need to learn skills and have practical experience in industries through industrial visits and through guest lectures by industry experts.

School students and parents also can be made aware by industry visits and presentation. 

Industry Associations can take up this skills development and curriculum up-gradation, industrial visits and expert lectures. 

Recently I visited and joined hands with IPI (Indian Plastics Institute, Vadodara Chapter) to make Students chapter in every engineering colleges around Vadodara gujarat India. Here students and industry experts will create opportunities for interaction and curriculum update according to technological shift and demand by current environment.

Please connect with me for better tomorrow for students.
Dr Jyot Mohan, Vadodara  9978613218   doctorjyot@gmail.com

Monday, August 28, 2017

Education reforms revolution in India is the NEED of the hour.

Education reforms revolution in India is the NEED of the hour.

1.    Allocate & increase upto 25% budget to education.
2.    STOP census duty, election duty and polio duty for teachers. Teachers will never miss classes due to other government activities. Additional government work can be done by so many unemployed youth by outsourcing through them.
3.    Give zero-collateral loans for college education up to 10 lakhs. No collateral needed, if you live and study in the Gujarat state, then you are eligible, that is it. The loan should cover tuition fee, books, laptop, equipment, hostel fee, mess fee etc.
4.    Give School Principals the power to appoint Cleanliness Manager at a appropriate salary upto Rs 25000 per month. He/she has responsibility get the school cleaned in & out and upload pictures/videos daily on an app. Implications of this app are that every morning one can know the exact no. of malfunctioning school toilets, the exact no. of out of order tube lights across all government and aided schools etc.
5.    Have private school refunding fees on a state wide scale. Most of private schools increase fee 10% every year.
6.    Arrange teacher training from IIMA or equivalent for teacher training.
7.    Provide Tablet/laptop for each teacher. This will save the time of data entry and take attendance and other administrative and communication work, also the parent will receive SMS by lunchtime if kid absent from the school. Audio visual presentation and teaching cane be practiced.
9.    Give Principals total autonomy for hiring replacements for teachers who have gone on long leave. No need to send any file for approval to ministry.
10.Give privileges to contract teachers also-
·        Fixed monthly pays (50–60% salary hike)
·        No more firing-> selection -> rehiring cycle at the end of EACH academic year
·        As many casual leaves as regular teachers, earlier they had no leaves.
·        Experience certificates just like regular teachers
11.Plan for a CCTV camera in every classroom of all schools. Surprisingly every stakeholder wants it there!
·        Principals want it to ensure punctuality of teachers.
·        Teachers want it as it results in students in being self-disciplined.
·        Students want it as the rowdy behaviour of theft/violence stop due to it.
12. Accord the same respect to teachers as soldiers. Rs 1 Crore for Stabbed Teacher’s Family. Believe that teachers are as important to India’s future as soldiers. Same *1 crore* rule is applicable to any citizen belonging to Army, BSF, CRPF, CISF, NIA, NDMC, MCD, Police, Fire Fighters.

13. Remove the most atrocious private school policy – criteria for nursery admission.
14. Do video recording of Nursery admission Lottery. Earlier schools were totally operating without any restriction.
15. Stop fancy & costly admission prospectuses. No school can charge more than 25/- for any registration. Want to give 100-page fancy prospectus with glossy pages, now give it for free!
16.Take over a private school by force If any malpractices found in school administration and management
17. Remove of management quota from school admission.
18. Set up model schools which will pave roadmap to ultimate goal – *“Making govt schools better than or equal  to private schools”*
19. Display no. of illiterate students publicly. Isn’t it horrifying that 74% of Class 6th kids can’t read their own book.  Establish a public dashboard in each school with data on how many kids cannot recognise characters, can recognise characters, can read words, paragraphs, stories, complex stories.
20. Identify and create a batch of “teacher’s teacher” on education trip to best institutes.
21.Class Room strength to be hiked by 50% in 2yrs, with the aim is to ensure that 30 students maximum in each classroom.
22. All schools to be whitewashed during summer vacation on a compulsory basis. Budget and approval allocated for total revamp of infrastructure across all schools.
23. All staff rooms to get a face lift to ensure a welcoming ambience for teachers – high-quality tables and chairs, tea/coffee vending machines, clean toilets.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Government can pay price for human organs after death. Reimbursed from beneficiary

Government can pay price for human organs after death. Reimbursed from beneficiary. In government hospitals if family like to submit human organ just after death of their family member, which can be transplanted into need people body, then Government can pay token price of Rs 10,000 or so ( can be fixed by doing study on it) per organ minimum for one eye, one kidney, heart, liver, skin each.
After death during the funeral all such vital human organs are burnt and become useless. Even cremation also meet with same results.
Today thousands of persons are meeting accidental death daily. many more are dying due to age. Their good healthy organs can be made available to needy people through a system of WIN-WIN situations. Ok, if some family do not want money, same money they can donate back to the government hospital or institutes in HUMAN ORGANS FUND, and such funds can be used for very poor people transplantation operation.
Private hospitals can also pay for the human organs of  interest human after death and replant in their needy patients. The awareness campaign on how to approach hospital with one helpline or with 108.
Money paid can be recovered from the beneficiary at actual cost plus preservation cost plus transplantation cost.
Government and hospitals can make awareness as well as counselling of families to surrender vital human organs to save life of others.

This way many families may get motivated to surrender the human organs 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Need for National Exam Authority of India. EXTERNAL students with EXAM fees only

Need for National Exam Authority of India. EXTERNAL students with EXAM fees only

Engineering & Medical & Paramedical Colleges have ENGLISH medium only in India. so National EXAM Authority can be established to conduct exam all over India for all colleges & Universities. Every year for all semesters/year exams will be conducted by this National Exam Authority of India.This method will standardised the education at one level all over India.

It will save cost and make education affordable to students. There is no need to pay lakhs of rupees of fees and physically move to colleges. Many colleges do not have adequate as well as QUALITY faculties to teach.

Technology have made information availability very easy. Online material is only click away. So colleges and universities teaching theory is very easily available almost FREE from online sources.
So college and universities have to change their curriculum and pedagogy completely to meet the demand of grooming students to meet their professional needs.

Colleges should be more practical and experimental oriented teaching methodology in the classroom and outside the classroom.Case study methods and site and business visits every week is necessary. Many college only arrange one visit in one semester, which is very less. Industry experts lectures needed on weekly basis. 

Government should start admitting external students in their engineering colleges for Degree & Diploma as well as for ITI, who will not be attending any classes in colleges. External students will study on their own with their own sources and appear for the college exams. External students can even join industry and have on the job training and experience and also study for the certificates as external students.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Indian School education should teach sports, music,dance, arts as subjects

Indian school should have Primary education of 7 years, means Junor KG, Senior KG and std 1 to 5 common for all students. from standard VI, student will learn subjects of their choices only. Indian School education should teach sports ( KHEL), music (SANGEET),dance (NITRAYA), arts (Paintings, photography etc.), Dramatics ( NAATAYA KALA) as subjects.
Indian school is only teaching physics, chemistry, biology, social science, Mathematics and languages. Again languages do not carry marks in merit marks list for entrance examination to higher education and employment.

Then how can one learn games like cricket, hockey, football, kabbadi, tennis, badminton etc. and got to the national and international level.
Then how can one learn musical instruments and vocal music and raagaas, yogaas..Then how can one learn Bharatnatyam, Kaththak, Kuchupudi, folk dances etc.
Time has come for disruption in Indian school pedagogy. Give basic minimum mathematics and languages knowledge from LKG, SKG, 1 to 5 std, that is 7 years of primary education.
From standard 6 onwards let students pick up around 8 to 10 different subjects of their choice, which includes sports and performing arts also. No compulsory subjects. Let them decide what they want to learn and excel in the field. If school has facilities then they can learn from school. If coaching center or Tuition classes have facility, they can learn from there. They can learn on their own at home also.
Different level of 5 examination to be finalised at national level by experts of those field. National level examination are conducted twice in a year for all subjects for all levels in all the district capital centres. Education Exam Authority of India can be established. Every level carries 20 marks/points. One can achieve mastery by clearing all 5 exams to become professional in that subject.
I request readers view on this.