Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Indian Teens Today needs guidance on reproductive healthcare issues.: India Today survey a must read by Parents.

INDIA TODAY magazine published cover story on secret life of Indian teens related to CASUAL SEX NET ADDICTION and NOON PARTIES in March 7 2011 issue. The price of this issue is only 25 Rs, so i suggest that every parents of teenage son/daughter should somehow buy or borrow and read it. PARENTS please understand the teenage of ours and teenage of our son/daughter is going through different environments.
One may restrict late NIGHT party, but they may go for NOON party. One may restrict dial-up or broadband to use internet for unwanted websites, but now internet services are available on mobile phones. Maharashtra government closed the BAR-GIRL activities, but many television channels produce programs that titillate YOUTH in our drawing room.

The new bill likely to be tabled during this budget session in Indian parliament may allow consensual sex after the age of 16 years. Except penetrative sex (intercourse) almost other forms of foreplay, kissing, hugging, necking, among same age group will not be an offence. How then parents will react to next generation on moral sexual issues of their beloved son/daughter? How such sexual behavior of school and college students may affect their study?

Tuition classes have created parallel schooling even for bright students. Electronic and print media have brought sex and violence into the drawing room. TV and computers and internet and mobile-phone have occupied the time slot available for sports and arts activities. Calculators helped to reduce logical calculating skills by human brain. Word-spell check helped to ignore learning of grammar and spelling. Email and SMS is creating new word-dictionary. Rising land cost have minimized the sports grounds. Automobile boom have snatched cycling and walking from school children. Fast foods have replaced nutritional fresh diet. Abstinence is slowly replaced by sex experimentation at early age.

An attitude change is needed to develop body and mind during crucial period of adolescence, when sudden growth spurt takes place in the life of human beings. Parent-teenager relationship is under strain. Physical changes and body image are one of the most interested subjects among adolescents. Emotional relationship, infatuations, first love, sexual attraction towards opposite gender will play a very vital role on their behaviour.
Teenagers and teachers want to develop the personalities of students, but time and material resources are not adequately available. The need for adolescence education was identified to build our next generation. The technological developments have changed the life style and it is affecting the body and mind development of the children.
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Jason Villegaz said...

With the moderate and responsible use of a business broadband in Australia, teens here are able to find diversion to prevent further societal issues.

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