Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Are you aware & prepared for EARLY PUBERTY development with your daughter?

Is my DAUGHTER body is MATURING faster than her friends? Is she going through normal developmental process? Should I consult the Gynaecologist? Will Doctor asks for PELVIC examination of my daughter which may harm her HYMEN?

According to recent observations, girls are experiencing the onset of puberty at younger and younger ages, with an alarming rate of girls seeing breast development as young as seven.  Breast pain during preteens has become very normal. Menstruation and pubic hair development started before the age of 10.
Although ethnicity is a known cause, there are many other factors as to why we are seeing girls growing up faster. Some say it's the media and entertainment sexualizing girls at younger ages, while others maintain it's an environmental problem. Endocrine-disrupting compounds or estrogens possibly may speed up puberty as well, but not known.
Some point the blame towards the rise in childhood obesity. Girls who start experiencing puberty earlier on also have higher body mass index (BMI) than girls that start in their early teens.
Parents and mainly mothers are confused about when to start discussion on PUBERTY related issues with daughter. Most of the information on reproduction and sex are age specific, but the exact age for individual daughter is having wide difference.
The analysis has become difficult even by expert doctors in the field, due to so much individuality in development of PUBERTY. Only a complete diologue with mother and daughter can help on regular basis. Daughter should have full trust on mother for sharing any issues of physical and emotional nature. Mother has to be available to listen the daughter. Mother should learn and understand the current generation developmental issues. Break yourself from the past, from your teenage, as Media presence was not so much there.
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